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The Irish Volunteer!

The Irish Volunteer! is the monthly newsletter sent to members of the unit.

Captain's Corner

Another Roaring Camp is in the bag.  It's hard to pick my favorite part: the train?  Bear Mountain?  Getting an extra day?  Not having Anne Walker faint?  (Walker take water!)  We had a great turnout and everyone had a turn on the field.  Congrats to Sonya who carried a musket for the first time.  

Roaring Camp - RSVP

Okay folks,

Now's the time to RSVP for Roaring Camp.  I want to know:

The Irish Volunteer

Captian's Corner

Thanks to all who came out for Mariposa.  For those who didn't, you missed out.  It's easily our most beautiful reenacting site.

Speaking of beautiful sites, we're only a few weeks away from Roaring Camp, which has lots of its own charm, including a period town and real steam train.  The Colonel has given us permission to go up to Bear Mountain on Sunday, where we will do skirmish scenarios all day long.

Alcatraz Last Call

Hi Everyone,

If you plan to attend the Alcatraz Spring Living History Day, we need to hear from you by tonight – like 9PM.

We have lunches to order, shuttles to schedule and so on, so fire back an email, or call.

The forecast calls for sunny skies (after the usual morning fog) and a scorching high of 63 degrees.


John Nevins, Event Coordinator


Phone:  916-560-8505

Alcatraz in May

The Alcatraz Spring Living History Day (Saturday, May 7th) is rapidly approaching.

If we haven’t heard from you, or if you’re notsureif we’ve heard from you, now would be the time to let us know that you’re going to be attending.

Since we are providing lunch, we need to get a count.

We also NEED TO KNOW if you’ll be parking at Ft. Mason and how many of you will be utilizing the National Park Service Shuttle to the Alcatraz Cruises Dock and back.

We also NEED TO KNOW what your impression(s) will be.

Mariposa is 9 days away and I still haven't heard from most of you.  If you don't rsvp, you don't get to eat with the unit.  Command staff has already asked me how many tents we'll have so if you don't get back to me quick, you might not be able to camp with us either.  A "maybe" is good enough, but I need to hear from you!

Also, I've got a couple more surprises planned for Mariposa, including an award ceremony for the unit.  You won't want to miss it.

--Jordan Koplowicz, Captain

Las Mariposas Edition

Official Dispatch

I am proud to report that after your stalwart defense of the township
and citizens of Knights Ferry, the confederate interlopers have retired
back into their lairs and dens of secession to lick their wounds.
It is due to the metal you have shown that we have been asked to
come to aid our brothers in the California region of Las Mariposas.

Knight's Ferry is only four days away and I've only received a handful of rsvp's.  This is a gorgeous site and it's your first chance of the year to burn powder!  Remember, Judy has to buy food, so if you don't rsvp by Tuesday night then you don't get to eat with the unit.  The menu this time is stew and vegetarian stew with bread and cake for dinner, and chicken & egg salad for lunch.  And the best coffee I can brew.  And an extra surprise . . . you'll just have to rsvp to find out!

--J.I. Koplowicz, Captain

I spoke with the San Francisco Police Department and they said no gunpowder or caps.  I will do an inspection at the staging area and another inspection at our parade start location.  Leave it in your car or leave it at home or I will take it from you.

Once again, the staging area is at 2186 - 22nd Ave., San Francisco, CA 94116, between 8 am and 9 am.  Parking is plentiful and free.  We will take light rail down to the parade starting location.  Parade formation is 10:30 am - 11:30 am; the parade will start at 11:30 am sharp.


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