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The Irish Volunteer!

The Irish Volunteer! is the monthly newsletter sent to members of the unit.

October Issue

Captain's Corner 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Nevada City.  We camped and fought on baseball diamonds, again, and the heat was worse than ever.  There's talk about replacing Nevada City with something better.  Stay tuned.

Nevada City 2011

Captain's Corner

Thanks to everyone who came out to Ft. Point.  The guy with the tactical miniatures didn't make it out until Sunday morning, but we had fun Saturday night with a skirmish combat drill.
We've got several more events coming up in the next month, including Nevada City, and a couple smaller events (see below).

Ft. Point - Last Call

Captain's Corner

Hello all,

The letter below says that Lincoln Blvd. will be closed through half the Presidio.  That's not an issue if you're coming from the Golden Gate Bridge; as far as I know, that part of Lincoln is still open.

We're going to have a blast - metaphorically speaking of course - still no gunpowder or caps.  Please check now and empty your cartridge boxes, cap pouches, haversacks and backpacks.

See you there!

--J.I. Koplowicz, Captain


Lockeford Living History

I've received an invitation to a one-day living history event in rustic Lockeford, California.  It's a small farming town near Knight's Ferry.  One day event = no camping and no fires, but we are invited to set up a few tents and an info table.  We will get to burn some powder.

Here are the details:

Date: 8/27/2011

Time: Setup 7 am, open to the public 9 am - 4 pm

Location: 19456 Jack Tone Rd, Lockeford, CA 95237

Captain's Corner

Duncan's Mills is a week behind us already, and the 69th is being transfered to garrison duty at Ft. Point in San Francisco.  This will be an overnight event - the first in a couple years.  This is personally my favorite event.

Some final notes from adjutant Dan Cheli:

The Irish Volunteer

♣ ♣ 


If you can make it to DM, please let me know the following:

  1. What days you can make it
  2. Whether you want to participate in company meals (and which ones)
  3. Whether you need any loaner gear

I'm also attaching the schedule for the weekend (see below).

We've been having a great turnout all year and this is one of our best events.  Hope to see you there!

--Jordan Koplowicz, Captain

Just realized I forgot dates for the two upcoming events.  Sorry.  No more email clutter for at least another week, I promise.


Duncan's Mills: Sat, 07/16/2011 - Sun, 07/17/2011

Fort Point: Sat, 08/13/2011 - Sun, 08/14/2011

You can always find the calendar here:


Please rsvp!



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