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The Irish Volunteer!

The Irish Volunteer! is the monthly newsletter sent to members of the unit.

Fort Point & Elections

Captain's Corner

The 2012 season is pretty definitely over at this point.  It has been an honest pleasure serving you as captain for the past two years, and I thank you for your votes.  Maybe I wasn't the best captain this unit has ever seen, but I'd like to think I wasn't the worst.  I did my best.

Call for Candidates

This is the last call for candidate statements.  I'll be sending out a TIV with everyone's statements the first week of January; that's two weeks away.  So far I've only received a statement from Julian.

Julian is running for Captain, I've agreed to run for 1st Sergeant, and Michael Gatley is running for Corporal.  James Feaga and Michael Sanders are both stepping down from their positions due to other commitments.  Gentlemen, thank you for your service and I look forward to seeing you in camp this coming year.

New Recruits

I'm proud to announce the two newest members of the 69th family:

Meredith Coye

Aaron Koplowicz

They are both looking forward to their first reenactments next year.

ACWA Newsletter

I'm taking over the ACWA mailing list from Mike Musante.  Well, not entirely; he'll probably still be in charge of the newsletter, but it's now hosted on  The point: When there's a clubwide announcement to go out, I'll send it out through that, not the TIV.  So, I'm adding you all to the ACWA email newsletter list.

If you want, you may opt out when you receive your first email (going out soon).

--J.I. Koplowicz, Captain

Winter Edition

Captain's Corner

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Fresno.  From what I hear it was a small turnout all around.  I'd like to hear some feedback from the troops on how you all enjoyed the weekend.  As you know there have been some frustrations with Fresno in the past.  This year the ACWA was in charge and I'd like to know how much that helped.  Specifically, did you feel there were enough porta potties?  Enough hay?  How was the schedule?  Etc.

Sadly I did not make it out because my wife was expecting.  She is still expecting.  C'est la vie, c'est la guerre.

Fresno: Call for Help

Captain's Corner

The loaner muskets are still at my house.  I gave the trailer to Judie so you guys will have all the unit gear at Fresno, minus the muskets.  So: can anyone swing by San Francisco some time between now and Fresno?  I'd be willing to drive a little bit to meet you.  (Bonus points if you need to borrow a musket for the weekend.  They're not going to walk there on their own.)

If you need safety tests or membership forms, please print them out and bring them with you.  We're running low and I've received word from Command that they won't have any.

Reminder: Grand Ball

From the Secretary:

I was asked to make this mass e-mail to ask those of you who are planning to attend the Grand Ball please contact Leslie Ackel at  The cut off date is Friday Oct 12th.  The Ball is scheduled for November 10th in Lodi. 

Fresno: First Call

Here we go!  If you're going to Fresno, you need to let me know:

  • Who's coming and whether they will be fighting
  • What meals you will be there for
  • Whether you're bringing a tent
  • If you need to borrow anything: uniform, musket, tent

There's a possibility that someone will bring the trailer.  Just in case, you should still make plans to get loaner gear directly from me, at Alcatraz or some other time in the next 5 weeks.  My email is and my phone number is 707-456-7743.

Fresno: DIY Edition

Dear all:

We had a very small, very quiet weekend at Nevada City.  Mama Judie wasn't there so we put together a "back up" kitchen kit which will stay in the trailer.  We also picked up some more unit gear, including canteens, lanterns, bayonets, and a new tent fly for shade.

Santa Margarita has been canceled so we only have two events left: Alcatraz and Fresno.  Sadly, I won't make it to Fresno because my second kid is due right around then.  This is what that means:

Quick Question

We're already planning the Ft. Point event in January and we're trying to decide which weekend to hold it.  The options are:

  • January 12th - 13th
  • January 26th - 27th

Please let me know asap which weekends work for you.



PS: We've got 6 people rsvp'd for Nevada City.  If you haven't let me know yet, now's the time.


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