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The Irish Volunteer!

The Irish Volunteer! is the monthly newsletter sent to members of the unit.

Here's another event that came down the pipeline.  Bring guns & ammo.


Veteran's Day Parade

It gives Elmer Ellsworth Camp 23 Sons of Union Veterans great pleasure 

to invite all Union soldiers, and civilians to join us in honoring the Boys in Blue by marching in the 

Petaluma Veterans Day Parade.

The parade will be followed by a late lunch.  


Plan to meet at Wickersham Park, corner of 4th and H Streets at noon.  Step-off at

1:00 p.m.


Yours in Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty, 

Mace Gjerman


Treasurer Write-In

Sergeant Sez

Good news and bad news.  The bad news is no one new is running for the Board next year, so all the old Board members are going to be re-elected.  Except one: the Treasurer.  Shawnee has said she won't do it and so Mrs. Donna Saia of the 5th New York has volunteered.  It's already past the deadline so you have to write her name in.  You should have received your ballots already; let me know if you haven't.

Fresno: Second Call

Last big bash of the year.  Gonna be awesome.  Let me know now if you can make it.



Note: This came down from Command Staff.  For more information:


Gardnerville is fast approaching if you plan on going let me know so i can get a head count in to the event coordinator.

Some info for the event.

1) Above ground fires only

2) bring plenty of caps/powder.  2 Saturday afternoon battles, 1 Saturday evening battle  . 2 battles on Sunday

Fort Point

The next Fort Point Living History event will be Saturday August 17th 2013. If you are only interested in attending for the day, you do not need to RSVP (unless you have a special demonstration you want to present). 

If you want to stay overnight on Saturday August 17th, please email Mike Musante ( the following info:

1) name (or names if multiple people)

2) unit and club

3) cell / home phone

4) email address

Sergeant Sez

Another big thank you to everyone who turned out for Duncan's Mills.  Once again we were the second largest unit.  We did some excellent drill with Captain Aguirre of the 5th NY, and we did a beautiful memorial ceremony for Tom Bispo.  He will be missed.

If you don't have your membership card, or if you're bringing a guest, you need to get me their names ASAP.  Otherwise they'll have to pay the non-member fee at the gate.


Sergeant Sez

We're only 2 weeks away and I haven't heard from most of you yet.  Please let me know either way whether you can make it or not.  The entrance fee will be $15 for families.  Make sure you have your ACWA membership cards ahead of time, or they'll charge you more.  I know it's an annoying expense but it's worth it for this fantastic site.

Enclosed find some info on the event, plus a schedule and map.


Tom Bispo


It is with a sad heart that i report the passing of Tom Bispo.

Duncan's Mills

It's time for one of our most beautiful events.  The site is tucked into a pocket valley along the banks of the Russian River.  There are no city lights, no telephone poles.  It's as 1862 as you can get.  There is plenty of water and shade and the terrain is excellent.


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