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Treasurer Write-In

Sergeant Sez

Good news and bad news.  The bad news is no one new is running for the Board next year, so all the old Board members are going to be re-elected.  Except one: the Treasurer.  Shawnee has said she won't do it and so Mrs. Donna Saia of the 5th New York has volunteered.  It's already past the deadline so you have to write her name in.  You should have received your ballots already; let me know if you haven't.

Please write in Donna Saia for club Treasurer.  We have precious few people volunteering for positions.  Everybody complains but no one does anything about it.  This woman is stepping up and we should reward that.

Here's the original email from Battalion command:

Please pass this among the troops ,Mrs.Donna Saia of the 5th New York has graciously stepped forward to run for the position of ACWA treasure, she comes highly recommended by many. this name is a write so please do so

All, please vote and get those ballots back to the election committee   as soon as possible.


Lt.Col. Douglas J. Erickson

Federal Battalion

Unit Elections

Unit elections will be held as always at Fort Point on January 25th.  Yes, it's another overnighter.  So far we have the following people running:

Julian Elliott for Captain

Michael Gatley for First Sergeant

Nicole Wise for Corporal

Judie Underwood for Treasurer / Camp Mom

Yes . . . I'm stepping down after four years of holding rank.  It's been an honor and a privilege and I plan to stick around for more fun.  I will be towing the trailer again next year, and running the newsletter and website, unless someone else wants to volunteer.

All positions are open.  Let me know if you want to run.  If you can't make it to Ft. Point, let me know your vote and I'll make sure it's counted.

You should also consider running for an elected Board position.  I don't care how much experience you have.  We need some fresh blood in there.  Think of this as a learning opportunity - and it will look fantastic on your resume.  It's too late for this year but start thinking about next year.

I hope everyone had a great time at Fresno - I'm very sorry I couldn't make it, but I hear the turnout was good.  Have a great winter and I'll see you all in January.


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