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Note: This came down from Command Staff.  For more information:


Gardnerville is fast approaching if you plan on going let me know so i can get a head count in to the event coordinator.

Some info for the event.

1) Above ground fires only

2) bring plenty of caps/powder.  2 Saturday afternoon battles, 1 Saturday evening battle  . 2 battles on Sunday

3) Make sure to bring your own food there will not be a commissary unless those coming have put together one.

4) Address to site.  ( Heritage Park)  1447 Courthouse St Gardnerville Nevada 


Make sure to have all the gear you will need for the weekend you are pretty much on your own.

For those from the 20th Maine that have coordinated a ride with Garrett Hasslinger give him a email to confirm that you are going.

Looking forward to seeing  you there.


Lt.Col. Douglas Erickson

Commanding Officer

Nevada Federal Battalion

The Irish Volunteer!

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