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Updates: Ft. Point & Elections

Fort Point

The next Fort Point Living History event will be Saturday August 17th 2013. If you are only interested in attending for the day, you do not need to RSVP (unless you have a special demonstration you want to present). 

If you want to stay overnight on Saturday August 17th, please email Mike Musante ( the following info:

1) name (or names if multiple people)

2) unit and club

3) cell / home phone

4) email address

5) are you bringing a car (we need to get an estimate of how many cars will be parked at the fort overnight)

6) let us know if you are under 18 years of age. If so, and not attending with your parent, you will need to provide your parent's names and cell phones, the name of a temporary guardian, and complete a temporary guardian form

For those staying the night, we will probably just have a pizza dinner since that is simplest.  We will need some help setting up a simple breakfast (oatmeal, coffee, fruit, etc).  The total cost for both meals depends on a variety of factors, but please plan on bringing $10 per person to help us cover the costs.  Reenactors will need to provide their lunch on Saturday and Sunday (bring a cooler or secure place to keep food).  

Mike Musante will only be present on Saturday.  But Jordan Koplowicz will be there for the entire weekend to help coordinate the Saturday evening and Sunday activities.  Reenactors are welcome to stay until 5pm on Sunday August 18th if they want.  The activities on Sunday will be informal and ad hoc, depending on public and reenactor turnout.  The WE Players will also be there on Sunday (not Saturday) rehearsing for their upcoming production of MacBeth at the Fort in September.  

General Activities and Rules for the Living History Event

- Musician demos, artillery drill and school of the company (infantry) will be held throughout the day

- No caps, no powder

- No alcohol

- proper Union or civilian impressions required (confederates can galvanize)

- If possible, please arrive between 8am-9am on Saturday to set up. The Fort opens to the public by 10am.

- Unfortunately, sutlers can not attend due to NPS rules and the lack of space.

- Please try to carpool. Parking is very limited.

- The overnighter is only on Saturday night. 

- Since we can not have open flame (firepits OR candles), you will need to bring battery operated candles for the overnighter. In the past I found some at TJMaxx (Homegoods), Costco, or Walgreens.   

- More details can be found at


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Mike Musante (

Jordan Koplowicz (



Greetings Federal Battalion,

Its that time again for elections please pass this on to your troops.

Those that plan on running be sure to get your info in to the V.P so it can be posted.

I feel that we the Union Battalion need to get more involved in what goes on within the club, If there are issues that need to be addressed attend some board meetings and voice your opinion,  run for an elected position and most importantly VOTE.  Last year there were very few members that  voted.  To get the ones in to office that you want you must vote.

Your Most Humble Servant

Lt.Col.Douglas J. Erickson

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