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Ft. Point, Alcatraz, Fresno

Sergeant Sez

Another big thank you to everyone who turned out for Duncan's Mills.  Once again we were the second largest unit.  We did some excellent drill with Captain Aguirre of the 5th NY, and we did a beautiful memorial ceremony for Tom Bispo.  He will be missed.

It's time to let me know if you're going to make it to Fresno.  This is our last big bash of the year.  The event coordinators have promised it will be better than ever and I know our own Board has put a lot of effort into this.  Just one more big event, and then a long, cold, lonely winter.  Soak in that blue wool and gunpowder while you have a chance.

Also, a couple mini-events coming up soon: Ft. Point and Alcatraz.  I don't need rsvp's for those, just for Fresno.  See below for details.

Fort Point

August 17 - 18

Yes, our summer Fort Point event is going to be an overnighter!  This is still my #1 favorite event.  It's the only Civil War era fortress on the West Coast, and we're the only group who gets to spend the night there.  It's pretty awesome.

For more information:


September 28

Announcements haven't gone out yet, but the info is on the website for the Friends of Civil War Alcatraz.  They always take good care of us out there.  At some point the rangers will want signups, but for now be sure to mark it on your calendars.

You get a free ferry ride to and from the Rock, lunch, and secret tours.  In the past we've seen the Citadel, the 19th-century poured concrete tunnel, the workshops, the hospital, the generator building, the industrial building, the shooting range, the fully restored 19th century fire engine, and the legendary "Alcatraz Book of Death."  This year we'll get to see the secret command center from that TV show.

For more information:


October 18: School Days

October 19 - 20: Reenactment

It's back.  Santa Margarita / Templeton has been canceled (again) so this is the last big event of the season.  It's been moved back to October so the weather should be nice and cool and not too dusty.  This is an invitational and other clubs will show up, which means we'll have a good turnout.  We usually get some cavalry, a twilight battle, and fireworks.  The organizers promise that things will be better run this year, which means more/better bathrooms, straw, and firewood, and they'll put our camp farther away from the tourists.  There's always a good sutler turnout which means this is a good opportunity to add another piece of gear to your impression.

If you know you're coming, now's a good time to RSVP:

  • How many people
  • Whether you're bringing a tent (or need to borrow)
  • Which days
  • Whether you want to eat with the unit (which meals)

Let's end the year with a bang (pun intended).


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